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How to add an item on Oziway?

1. You need to login to Oziway. Open the Oziway page (either or your country Oziway page).
For example,
in Australia the Oziway webpage is here -
In China the Oziway webpage is here -
In Russia the Oziway webpage is here -
In the USA the Oziway webpage is here -
The Oziway sites are avaiuable in many countries now, for a complete list, visit our List of Countries

2. You need to have an account on Oziway. Click Login on the navigation bar and then click Login or Create Account (if you haven't yet registered)

3. Enter your account ID that you registered with (this is your e-mail address), and your password

4. The user Dashboard will appear on the screen. The 4 important menus on the top are: My Account where the Oziway Wallet application is, the Messages menu which opens the Messages application (where you can chat with Customers and other users in your language), the Seller menu where you can add products and see who ordered your items, and the Promoter menu where as a Promoter you can setup your free Oziway Website which you will start promoting to earn commissions

Congratulations, you have logged into your business Dashboard. Now lets start doing some work

5. Click the Seller menu and next Add Offer

6. Type of Product - You will need to choose what type of product you want to offer. There are many options to choose from

There are 3 types of items that you can post in Oziway :

  1. Products

    - You can enter products of different types, new or used, limited or unlimited quantity
    - New products and unlimited quantity - Products available in an unlimited quantity (e.g. from a manufacturer or wholesaler). Here you enter products which can be purchased by a Customer in retail quantities, eg 1 or several pieces
    - Large Quantity - Products offered in large quantities (for example whole containers). You will enter a price range, which you will negotiate with the Customer based on the quantity of the transaction. Negotiation can be performed inside Oziway using the messenger application, or outside the system (email, phone). Payment is performed outside the system (contracts signed, wire transfers)
    - New and limited quantity - a product in a limited quantity (you can enter how many products are available, e.g. you have 100 pieces of a product to sell)
    - Used products - used products, available in 1 piece
    - Downloadable products (digital) - Products that Customers can download from Oziway (e.g. databases or PDF books)
    - Product demand - do you need a product and wish suppliers to offer it to you ? write what you need and wait for offers

  2. Services

    - You can enter services which you can perform for the Customers
    - Service performed online - like translations , entering data, sending Powerpoint presentations. You will pay for the services performed using the Oziway Wallet application
    - Service offline - services performed offline, and paid for outside of Oziway, like a local service shop, hair dresser, cosmetics, café. These services are paid by the Customer in your place of business.
    - Service demand - do you need a service and wish service providers to offer it to you ? write what you need and wait for offers

  3. General information

    - Want to post general information? Here you can do that, for example information about your company

7. Choose Item Type, which you would like to post for promotion and sale on Oziway (Choose the item type in Step 1 and then in Step 2 choose whether the Product is new, used, digital and so on) :

8. In Step 3, Choose the category of your item, for example fashion or cosmetics

9. In Step 4, Enter all Basic item details, these are:

- Name of Item – a short name of the offered item, this will be visible on the item page and on every list of products in the system
- Global - Select whether your item should be sold globally (made available for Customers in many countries, not just your country). If yes, then you will enter its price in USD and the item will be available in all countries in Oziway (its price will automatically get converted to different currencies). The Customers will contact you to get information about delivery cost. Before they pay, you will have the option to modify the order by adding a delivery cost. Don’t worry if your Customers speak a different language, the Oziway Messenger application has a built in translator functionality so you read and write on your own language
- Country - choose a country where your item will be available for sale and delivery. If you selected the Global option, then the list of countries takes on the opposite meaning, the item will be excluded from the selected countries
- Price – price in your local currency (or price in USD if the item is available in many countries). This price does not include the transport cost (you will be able to add this after the Customer places the order and you receive the address of delivery). This price however includes any taxes (including VAT and GST), and includes the commission which you will have to pay to Oziway so that we can pay the promoters. So the price includes everything that the Customer should pay, except the transport
- Amount - If you are posting a product in limited quantities, enter how many pieces you have available
- Source Country – Enter where your product comes from, let the users know where it was manufactured
- Description for the customers - description visible on the item card, this description will be automatically translated into many different languages
- Images - choose a picture for your product (you can upload up to 5 pictures). The last added picture is the main one displayed on the item page

10. In step 5, enter information which is relevant for the Promoters

- Commission for the Promoters (flat, percentage, zero or maybe defined after the transaction if for some reason you can not define it at this time). You define what the commission percentage you will pay after successful transaction. Only you know how much percentage you will pay. The more percentage you declare to pay, the more promoters weill promote your offer. If you set commission to zero, probably no one will be interested in promoting your offer. If you will be promoting your offer by your self or with friuends or employees in your company, then its OK to set commission to zero
- Number of days needed for you to finalize the transaction (receive money, send item and pay the Commission to Oziway)
- Description for the Promoters, enter any additional information that you would like the Promoters to see about you or your item

11. In step 6, the final step , enter data related to shipping

- Transport price, you can enter a flat price, free or price defined after purchase (if you do not know the price without knowing the address of the Customer). The % commission that you have declared to pay in Step 5, will be calculated based on only the Price of the item, without the Transport. So if your item price is 100, and transport is 10 and commission is 20%, you will be paying 20% x 100 (not 20% x 110)
- Number of days needed for you to deliver the product to the Customer
- Payment options – the default option is for the Customer to pay directly to you (your Oziway Wallet, Bank account, WeChat, PayPal, Cash on Delivery or any other method that you prefer), if read more here : /faq#online-products-verified

12. Click Finish

13. Now your item will be visible on Oziway and in all the Promoter shops that have chosen to display your category of products

14. Your items are also available on the My Offers in the Dashboard in the Seller section. For each Item you can:

- Edit - this lets you edit the entire Item entered, including prices and commission, however a new Item ID will be given to your item
- Duplicate - this lets you make a copy of one of your existing products which you can then edit to change it from the existing product
- Deactivate or Activate - deactivating hides the Item from the Buyers and Promoters
- Delete - after deleting, an Item becomes unavailable to Buyers, Promoters and you

15. After we promote your item so that a Customer orders it, the details of the Customer (address) and item ordered will be in your Business Dashboard on the Transaction Fulfillment Page, this is where you will have to deliver the item

16. If you have chosen to enter a Downloadable (Digital) Product like a database in excel or a book in PDF for example, the above steps will be easier - you will not have to choose a country, or category. You will have to enter the price in USD. You will not have to deliver the item because the Customer will download it from Oziway after making the payment



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