Oziway - The Australian Way

How to post a product on Oziway?

1. Open the page https://oziway.net and choose Your Language on the top of the page - there is 9 languages to choose from.

2. If you want to post products so that they appear on Oziway, they have to be posted via Oziway.net, this is the address for all Promotors and Sellers. All other Oziway addresses (oziway.cn, oziway.com.au, oziway.pl, oziway.de etc.) are for Buyers (Customers).

3. You need to be registered with Oziway.net. Click "Login" on the navigation bar and then click Login or Create Account (if you haven't yet registered).

4. Enter account ID that you registered with (this is your e-mail address), and your password.

5. Click "Sell Own Product".

6. Choose Product Type, you have 6 types to choose from:

  • Downloadable (Digital)
  • New (Unlimited Quantity)
  • New (Limited Quantity)
  • Service (Customer Pays)
  • Service (No Payment Required)
  • Used Stuff

7. Enter all products needed, these are:

  • Name of Product (Short Name)
  • Select whether your product should be sold globally (made available for customers in many countries, not just your country). If yes, then you will later enter its price in USD and the product will be available in all countries in Oziway (its price will automatically get converted to other currencies). The buyers will contact you to get information about transport fees. before they pay, you will have the option to modify the order by adding a transport position. Note: selecting a product for Global distribution makes it available globally after approximately 24 hours.
  • Country - choose a country where your product will be available for sale and distribution. If you selected the option of global distribution, then the list of countries takes on the opposite meaning ie. the Product wil be excluded from the selected countries.
  • Category - this is the category of the Product or Service that you want to offer.
  • Commission - this is the commission that you will pay to Oziway after a transaction is finalized and you deliver your product and receive your payment. For Product Type "Service (No Payment Required)" you must enter a flat fee commission, for all other product types enter a percentage value.
  • Brand or Other
  • Price in your local currency
  • Days for Verification - how many days you need to complete the transaction from the time that a customer says OK I want the Product, to the time you collect payment and deliver the goods, in days (ex. 7 or 14 days). Within that time you need to accept or reject the transaction in the Business Dashboard. After accepting you need ot pay the commission so that we can pay to the promotors.
  • Short Description of Product
  • Long Description of Product - you can write in multiple lines.
  • Choose Picture

8. Click "Save".

9. Now your product will be visible on oziway.* and on all the Promotors shops that have their shops in oziway.*

10. Your products are also available on the bottom of the Sell Own Product page. For each Product you can:

  • Edit Description - all description fields.
  • Edit Full Product - this lets you edit the entire Product entered, including prices and commission, however a new Product ID will be given to your product.
  • Duplicate a Product
  • Deactivate/Activate a Product - deactivating hides Product from the Buyers and Promotors
  • Delete a Product - after deleting Product becomes unavailable to Buyers, Promotors and you.

11. After a Promotor promotes your product so that a Buyer orders it, the details of Buyer (address) and product ordered will be in your Business Dashboard on the Transaction Fulfillment Page.

12. If you checked the Global Distribution option, the price you enter must be in USD and the customer wil pauy to Oziway. We will collect our commission and the rest will be made available to you on Oziway (to payout to a bank account etc)

13. If you have chosen to enter a Downloadable (Digital) Product like a database in excel or a book in PDF for example, the above steps will be easier - in Step 7. you will not have to choose a country, category or brand. You will have to enter the price in USD. You will not have to deliver the product (Step 11.) because the customer will download it immediately after making a payment to Oziway. We will pay you for the product just like we pay promotors their commission - to a PayPal or Wechat account.