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How to Promote on Oziway?

1. You need to login to Oziway. Open the Oziway page (either or your country Oziway page).
For example,
in Australia the Oziway webpage is here -
In China the Oziway webpage is here -
In Russia the Oziway webpage is here -
In the USA the Oziway webpage is here -
The Oziway sites are avaiuable in many countries now, for a complete list, visit our List of Countries

2. You need to have an account on Oziway. Click Login on the navigation bar and then click Login or Create Account (if you haven't yet registered)

3. Enter your account ID that you registered with (this is your e-mail address), and your password

4. The user Dashboard will appear on the screen. The 4 important menus on the top are: My Account where the Oziway Wallet application is, the Messages menu which opens the Messages application (where you can chat with Customers and other users in your language), the Seller menu where you can add products and see who ordered your items, and the Promoter menu where as a Promoter you can setup your free Oziway Website which you will start promoting to earn commissions

Congratulations, you have logged into your business Dashboard. Now lets start doing some work

5. From the menu Promoter, click on the link to Edit Shop. The window where you can change the address of your Oziway website, how the Oziway website looks and what your Oziway website contains, will open. It is a very important part of the system so we will spend a lot of time playing with all the options here

6. Before we start any modifications, let’s look at an amazing function that you can use to instantly have a website copied from an existing one. If you have a Website code, you can use it go generate your own website which is a copy of another website identified by that code. Scroll down to the bottom of the General Settings Tab of the page

Simply enter the code into the section called [ Creating a predefined website from the code ] and click CREATE. You can use codes from existing shops, like a Dietary Supplement shop (code OBlGmUW23gjD7N0nrUAH or Antivirus Protection shop (code IqfyOJxeRWUjIQVjkWEb) and you will have a similar website instantly

A list of codes (and the list is growing) can be found here: Website Codes

7. Lets assume that you want to setup your website exactly as you want it. Open the first page tab (General Settings), here you will find

8. Choose whether the shop is active or not (by default its active). You can always deactivate the shop

9. Enter the Name of your website, this name will determine the address that you will promote the domain for your country. As an example, a shop with the name Super Clothing Boutique from China will have an address Click to see how an example store looks like for our demo Australian user,

10. Choose the Country where you want to promote, this by default is the country where you live. If you choose China for example, the address of your online shop will start with

11. If you don’t choose any country (there is a blank option on the beginning of the list of countries) then you will have the possibility to promote your shop in every country, have a look at these demo stores:
And many others…

12. Optionally Enter your phone number which potential customers might call to ask questions about the products you promote. Don’t worry you don’t have to sell or send anything, just give advice to users who might have questions about products within categories that you are familiar with

13. Optionally enter your email address, this will also be visible in your Oziway website

14. Enter a marketing slogan which will appear on the banner of your shop

15. Enter the important message, which will appear below the banner, and above all the featured products, in a frame for people to read

16. Now a section for Promotional messages that are used by the free mobile app, called Oziway Network , this application helps to automate your promotional efforts

17. Message subject (for your shop). Using the mobile application Oziway Network, when you send a message with a link to your shop, the subject will automatically be set to this

18. Marketing subject (for a product) - Using the mobile application Oziway Network, when you send a message with a link to a specific product, the subject will automatically be set to this

19. Marketing text (for a product). Using the mobile application Oziway Network, when you send a message with a link to a product, the body text will automatically be set to this

20. Click [Save]. To save these settings on the General Settings Tab , and lets click on Graphic Settings

21. How the products will be displayed on your website. As Tiles, a List or a Table. Default is tiles

22. Choose your website logo – you can use one of Oziway available logos, or upload your own. This is the profile picture of your website

23. Choose your background– you can use one of Oziway available backgrounds, or upload your own. If you want to upload your own background picture, use a picture with dimensions 1198 x 384 Pixels

24. Click [Save]. To save these settings on the Graphical Settings tab , and lets click on Content Settings

25. This is the most important part of setting up your website. Here you decide what your website contains. You can choose the entire portfolio of a seller, or choose entire categories of products, or choose specific products to promote

26. Below, lets see the two options that allow you to Choose Categories or individual offers Choose categories, and then select whole categories to feature on the website, or Choose Offers and then search for products to add to your website

27. By choosing Offers in the [ Filter Content By ] section, you can add individual products into your website. You can search for those products using two methods, in the Content Section (there is a search mechanism), or on the Oziway website , if you open the Product card, there will be a ADD TO WEBSITE button if you are logged in

28. Below, on the left is a screenshot of adding products ni the Content Section of Edit Website, and on the right is a Product Card which allows to add it to your website if you are logged in

29. When you have added your individually selected products, you can sort them as required, by clicking on the Products SEQUENCE column and dragging it up or down, as on the picture below. Remember to click SAVE after changing the sequence of your products

30. After you have finished choosing the products in your shop, you can add additional Sections in your shop, that display RECENTLY ADDED products, POPULAR products, or RANDOM products. These sections allow you to display additional content which will generate more commission if someone decides to buy any item displayed in your shop, even from those Recently added, popular or random offers

31. last section allows you to ban specific sellers from your website, if you have bad experience with someone. For example a product was sold by a Seller but he said that there was no transaction and he didn’t pay any commission. We try to resolve such disputes, but additionally you can ban his offers which will take effect of you choose entire categories to be displayed on your website

32. The last option that yon use to choose Products is to choose a Seller and then user his email address to promote the entire portfolio in your store, irrespective of the Product categories. On the top of the window in the [Filter Content By] choose Sellers and below, enter the Sellers email address

33. Now that you have setup your website, time to start promoting it. Open Referred Friends, its a link on the bottom of the Promoter section in the left menu, where you will see 2 further links:

- i) Website Link – its a direct link to your shop, which you can share in the internet
- ii) Broadcast Link – its a link to a registration page on Oziway


- iii) You can also promote individual products which are not in your website. Go to a product page, and before sending it to someone, add this code (from your Referred Friends application): ?ref=[paste-your-code-here]. If you add that code to a Product and someone opens that Product page and then registers and makes a purchase, that Customer also is added to your Organization and you receive a Commission.

- iv) As an example, if I were to promote this Product ( in India, assuming that my code from the Dashboard is “ABC123456789” (this is an incorrect code ofcourse, used only in this example) I would send the link:

34. Anyone that registers in Oziway from your Shop Link or Broadcast link, is added to your Organization. Every future transaction in your organization earns you a commission

35. The OZIWAY system gives you a lot of flexibility to work in today’s changing business environment. You can be a Promoter, or you can be a Seller and a Promoter at the same time. You can add products and then promote them by yourself, by your employees or by other Promoters. If you want your employees or friends to promote your products, just ask them to setup their stores and choose the Content by filtering using your email address as above, or give them your website code and ask them to generate their website based on yours

Good luck with your PROMOTION. If you have any questions, write to us (email, message, chat). We will do everything in our power to help



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