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Earnings & Payment

Earning a Commission

On Oziway you can earn an Active and a Passive Commission


Active Commission


An Active Commission is earned when your work as a Promoter leads to a transaction. This happens when a potential Customer received a product link or shop link from you, registered on Oziway and bought the item. The Seller pays us a commission and most of it is paid out to you. This commission is called a 1st level commission. A small part of this payment goes to the Promoter that invited you to Oziway and also another small part stays in Oziway



Passive Commission


A Passive Commission is earned when you invite a friend to Oziway, and the friend does work as a Promoter and their work leads to a transaction. Most of the commission received from the Seller will be paid to your friend, but you also will receive a small commission to reward you for your growing organization. Your commission is called a 2nd level commission while your friend’s commission is called 1st level commission. A small part of this payment also stays in Oziway



Imagine a situation where you invite 100 friends and they start promoting items on their Oziway websites. From each of their transactions you receive a small part of the commission. Its like being a manager of a company with 100 sales people. Everyone in your organization can repeat your success by building their own organization



Items on Oziway are added by Sellers so that Promoters in the Oziway community can earn commissions. Everyone on Oziway can post items or promote them. Everyone can be a Seller, a Promoter and a Customer. All Oziway accounts are the same, everyone can Post items, promote them for a commission and buy them




The Commission to be paid out is visible on your Business Dashboard. All your transactions are visible and with one click you can request to withdraw your earnings to a Bank account, Paypal, Revolut account, Wechat or to collect money at a Western Union office



Important Information:

- i) Oziway membership is free and non obligatory
- ii) You earn an active commission by promoting items
- iii) You earn a passive commission by inviting others to Oziway
- iv) Future transactions by users in your organization (Customer or Promoter) earn you a passive (2nd level) commission
- v) Add our email addresses to a white list in your email account so that our emails do not go in your spam folder. We send regular emails with interesting projects. Oziway is not just a Product Promotion network. Oziway is a community where anyone can post an item (retail or wholesale), and anyone else can promote that item for a commission

Ready to start Promoting?

1. Register on oziway

2. Login to your business dashboard and go to the Promoter menu

3. Click on Edit Shop and setup your Oziway Shop (you can use website codes to copy entire shops from other Promoters, or setup your website completely



4. A complete guide on how to start promoting is here : Start Promoting

5. Remember, that anyone that registers in Oziway from your Shop Link or Broadcast link, is added to your Organization. Every future transaction in your organization earns you a commission




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