Publishing a wholesale offer

How to publish a wholesale offer (eg. containers of products for export)

Publishing a wholesale product is similar to publishing normal products

The only thing that is different is that you don't enter the exact price of the product, only a price range.

With wholesale products, the price is often dependent on the country of destination, quantity of order, and the frequency with which the orders will be repeated.

These are all factors determined by the seller

In Oziway you, the seller (factory) publish the product, and the Oziway community of users will promote the product and find a buyer for you. You will have to deliver the product, and collect cash from the Buyer (we don't process online payments for large transactions).

The Oziway system is so comfortable to use, that you the seller can also use it, so anyone can publish products (and be a seller) and at the same time promote them (as a Promoter)

To enter a wholesale offer, you need to login to the system

When you login, you will see the dashboard. You need to go to Seller->Add offer

To publish a wholesale offer, start by choosing the Product type

Then, choose the Wholesale Product in Large Quantities

You will have to choose the Product category of what you want to offer, for example construction materials or electronics

Next its time to enter all the information visible by the customer. The description, the prices (more on that in a moment, the pictures

Because wholesale offers do not have a specific price but a price range, you need to enter the following:
- Purchase price: this is the price that is the absolute minimum below which you can not sell. Its the base price. It can be a purchase price, or a FOB price increased by shipment, insurance, and import taxes. Its the lowest possible price, and this will not be shown anywhere on the system
- markup: this is the percentage that will be added to the minimum price, and will become the new minimum price, seen by the customer. This can be your minimum profit
- price range: this is the percentage that will be added ot the minimum price to calculate the maximum price. So if the minimum price is 10, and price range is 50%, the maximum price will be 15
- there is a button to calculate the minimum and maximum prices based on the purchase price, markup and percentage price range. However, you can also enter those minimum and maximum prices manually, without entering the purchase price, markup and price ranges

Next you have to enter the commission for the Oziway platform. Because there is no value associated with a wholesale offer (nobody knows how much the transaction will be) its not possible to enter the commission, so choose /defined after transaction/. You can enter information for the Promoters here also, to motivate them to promote your offer

When all is well, click FINISH and your offer will be entered into the system
If you would like to edit your offer at this time or at a later time, go to menu Seller->My Offers and click on the edit icon (the picture of a pen) to go into the edit window of the chosen item

an window for editing will open, and you will be able to enter changes in the system



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