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How to add a product on the Oziway marketplace using email?

Please note that you need to be registered in Oziway for your products to be added to the Oziway system

All you have to do is send an e-mail message to a special email address

  • When you want to add a simple product without price, only a description, it will appear on Oziway as GENERAL INFORMATION
  • Just send your message to [email protected]
  • The title of the message will become the name of the product
  • The text of the message will become the description of the product
  • The attached pictures (maximum 5 pictures not larger than 2mb in size) will be added on the product page

If you want to add your product to a specific category and add price and commission information, use the format as described below


  • Email recipient: [email protected]
  • Subject: Name of your offer

  • Content

    • prodnewunlimited - are new products that have a finite quantity. Example is when stock in shop has to be sold and there is only a limited number of pieces available
    • prodnewlimited - is for new prodcuts in an unlimited quantity. Example is when a factory posts products that can be made in an any quantity
    • prodused - is for used products
    • percentage value e.g 20%
    • number value e.g 30
    • ? - commission set after purchase
  • CATEGORY: enter the category ID, if you don't know the category ID visit CATEGORY SITE
  • PRICE: enter price for your offer, the price is in USD
  • PRODQTY: use only if your offer is prodused or prodnewlimited
  • SOURCE: enter the country of origin of the offer
    • 0 - free delivery
    • number value e.g 10 - price for delivery, the price is in USD
    • ? - delivery cost set after purchase
  • DAYSTODELIVERY: enter the delivery time
  • DAYSTOFINALIZE: enter the order fulfillment time
  • DESCRIPTION_PROMO: enter a description for promoters
  • DESCRIPTION_SELLER: enter a description for you, only you can see this text
  • DESCRIPTION: enter a description of the offer
  • ATTACHMENT: attach offer photos, max 5

Example e-mail

Outlook screenshot

Template to copy

Click COPY TO CLIPBOARD button and paste template to your mail

Note: the offer will be automatically matched with the email address from which it is sent. So the email from which you send the offer will be searched in our database of registered users, and the Seller with that email will be chosen as the Seller of the offer. Please ensure that you are sending from the same email address with which you registered on Oziway. If you are sending from a different email address than what you used to register, the offer will not be posted (you will receive an appropriate error message). Also, if you make any mistake with any of the parameters you will receive an error message. And if all is well, you will receive an email with the links to your new offer on the internet.



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