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Add free products easily

Tuesday, 5 June 2018 6:40:48 PM Europe/Warsaw

We are excited about the new option coming at the end of the week to help anyone that wants to clear their basement of old stuff.

You will be able to make a photo and within 20 or 30 seconds publish a free product giveaway.

All directly from the smartphone!

The module wil allow for entering a product with pre-entered values of Category, Product Type, Price (zero), and many other fields.

Do something good for someone: The module will expect you to just add the name of the product, which country its available in, and whether you are giving it away but the customer pays for the logistics (the express courier), or do you cover the cost of logistics.


Its really great if you can afford to cover the logistics (since the person that want your unused free stuff, sometimes cant afford to pay for express courier).

visit https://oziway.net and register, then add a product as a Seller. Its free for you to use.

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